I, Volatile VS. Goliath


Imagine that you are a small time independent, underground artist, a week away from the release date of your first and very excellent single, when a magazine such as, I don’t know, Spirit, arranges a contest in which small bands have shot at playing at Norways biggest international music festival, Øyafestivalen.


Imagine this upcoming release of yours is of very fine quality indeed, with an alternative approach to the ruling music scene, sure to catch some attention if only heard by a reasonable amount of people.

Now imagine that hardly anyone is aware of this release.

Under these prerequisites it is pretty hard to imagine anything but your small time release drowning in the sea of people voting for their slightly more established, better known friends.

Now remember that you wouldn’t be in this game in the first place if you weren’t a high dreaming, hard working, pig headed force of nature, trying to reach your goals against the odds.

Please enjoy I, Volatiles prematurely released 1st single, Metal Giant,

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