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Sunniva (full name Sunniva Lind Høverstad) is the initiator, front figure, voice and creative force of I, Volatile. 

Sunniva is an artist very much occupied with various forms of creation and communication, something that clearly shows in her music.

Besides her musicianship, Sunniva is an actor in Oslo. She writes for outlet, and works as a photographer and a translator.




James Whitehouse | guitar

Educated at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, James is a highly accomplished guitarist, playing since the age of fourteen.

Magne Oddvarson | bass

Magne has his education from Steinerskolen, and has bassed for multible Metal bands through the years.

Sondre Larsen | drums

Sondre, who is also a working actor, has previously been seen drumming for «Årets Urørt 2015», Kristian Kristensen. 


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