Fall actions


Stuff is happening at the moment, and visibility is the current focus.


These days we are making preparations to shoot our first video. Circular is the chosen song, due to it’s theme and approachable temper. More news on release later.



I am super exited to be planning a very special photo shoot with one of my absolute favourite local photographersKine ØynesIt will be raw, pretty, dirty – and, I have no doubt, awesome.

© kineoynes.com


I have finally uploaded the Interview James and I did for Radio Nova earlier this year, in relation to the EP release. In this interview you can hear us talk in both Norwegian and English about the release concert, band members spread across countries, attending LIPA and more, as well as get a live acoustic version of All In The Family performed right there in the studio at 8.30 in the morning.

Also, the freshest piece of news: A story by Norwegian feminist magazine Fett, where I am interviewed about the content of the EP, and why it is themed around the subject of violence. Read the whole story here.

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