The modest bits of dust we stirred up with our EP launch are beginning to settle, and I am looking to future projects. But before considering the release a thing of the past, one thing remains: Acknowledgements.

Had one had a booklet in one’s printed release, that is where one might pop down a humble ‘cheers, mate’ where appropriate, upon the conclusion of a rather large project. Since The Violence has no such thing, I’d like to make this post about the people who have somehow contributed to the making and release of this EP, or who have been generally helpful towards I, Volatile.

Someday I shall buy you all yachts.

(Should there be anyone who feels left out, kick me.)

The excellent musicians and technicians who helped create The Violence

Rodrigo Alves, Josh Ballantyne, Joe Danher, Tony Draper & Robin Schmidt.

The excellent musicians who play with I, Volatile

Silje Krey, Kevin Alvaro, René Zonneveld, Roy Nilsen, Doudou Goncalves

Alex Pegington, Audrey Wilhelmsen, Luke Hodgkinson & Josh Ballantyne.

People who have contributed otherwise

Jamie McIntyre, Josh Steed, Trine Paulsen + Kim Sølve, Torstein Bugge Høverstad, Nini Ritzau, Knut Jørgen Moe, Jim Shearer, Daniel Drumm, Blas Barragan Jr., Allegra Whitehouse, Alec & Mike Brits, the festival death mobile, Eirik Folkedal, Lars-Petter Iversen, Adam Billyeald, Kim Morten Mohn, Haakon Hoseth, bandORG, LIPA & its teachers

Varm takk til Trine Lind.

Everyone who has shown interest by buying the EP,

coming to a show & spreading the word

My biggest thanks and warmest gratitude,

for friendship, inspiration, support, creativity, knowledge, time & investment,

but most of all for faith,

James Whitehouse

Partner, producer, co-arranger and band member

To glory.

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Sunniva/I, Volatile

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